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Although cured today using the same century old traditions handed down from generation to generation, our quality control program is produced under the strict quality  management  program of Canadian Fisheries and Ocean regulations. Under this quality management program administered by the Canadian government, our plants and packers must adhere to strict regulations.  Every box produced is stamped & certified. The ultimate test of satisfaction is our ability to continually deliver the finest Cod, Hake, or Pollock to our customers.

Great Northern specializes in the two major types of salt fish products--whole split Baccala or Baccalao and the boneless further processed fillet items.

Dried salt fish 1Baccalao is head off whole split or butterflied fish usually Cod, Pollock, or Hake.  All products are available as ordinary cure with a 44--50% moisture content and semi dry with a moisture content between 40--44%. The amount of  salt content also can vary. Normal packs include heavy salt or lightly salted.  The five ranges are as follows:

  • Extra Small        Under 11 1/2 Inches
  • Small                11 1/2 -- 16 1/2 Inches
  • Medium             16 1/2 -- 21 Inches
  • Large                21 -- 25 Inches
  • Xtra Large           25 Inches and up

Our product is packed in large 50 lbs. Flat cardboard boxes. Product is skin on and fins on.

Dried salt fish 2Boneless or semi boneless fillets are commonly known as "strips".  We carry high quality "choice" products in 30 or 40 LB wooden cases. Each case is certified and plant inspected and carries the Canadian inspection and registration number. There are five major sizes ranges:

  • Medium fillets     from U-15" flaps
  • Regular fillets      from 15 - 20" flaps
  • Large fillets         from 20 - 25" flaps
  • Jumbo fillets        from 25"-up flaps

All of Great Northern's product is thoroughly cured, cleaned,  firm, and well trimmed. Fillets are free from excessive salt and other defects. Smaller fillets are packed in the traditional 1 LB wooden retail box or as 1 LB. retail bags of whole fillets or pieces. Product for export is available and all inquiries are welcomed. When quality and consistency are important, rely on Great Northern Products for your salt fish needs.

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