About Great Northern Products

Bringing to market the wealth of seafood products harvested and processed by our family of affiliated producers

Great Northern Products, Ltd. is a U.S. company, incorporated in the state of Rhode Island, United States of America. Our primary function is to bring to market the wealth of seafood products harvested and processed by our family of affiliated producers. From the rich resources of Québec, the Canadian Maritimes, the cold clean waters of Chile, Norway, Iceland and around the globe, comes a volume and variety of quality sea foods beyond compare!

Our major customers consist of wholesale distributors, restaurant groups, fish markets, retail supermarkets, buying groups, manufacturers and anyone who buys large volumes of seafood in North America & around the world.

The partnership was formed in 1988 by three of the key employees from a Boston-based importer. Great Northern has been in business for 25 years and counting. Our roots were formed in Atlantic Canada where we represented proud independent fish plants that were looking for representation, distribution and marketing in the US. Still today 50% of our products come from Atlantic Canada and the Canadian Maritimes. Over the last 25 years as our reputation has grown we have expanded the operation to include many new products and alliances from all over the world. Today we have strategic alliances in Mexico, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Iceland, and Norway to name a few.

While domestic demand for our products continued to expand we were also getting requests from many customers outside of North America. Therefore, our export division was up and running! The export division of GNP specializes in the export of ocean containers with a heavy overlap of the same product mix and some products that are produced and packed to the specifications for shipment to traditional overseas markets. GNP is currently exporting to 20 different countries on four continents.

Products destined for the U.S. market are shipped into Boston or New York. Frozen products are consolidated in public cold storages for truckload and LTL distribution; fresh seafoods are also consolidated in Boston for distribution throughout the states.

Products destined for the world markets are delivered to the appropriate seaport, mostly Halifax, Nova Scotia, Montreal, Quebec and St. Johns, Newfoundland.

The sales and logistics team at Great Northern Products are committed to satisfying all your seafood needs around the corner or around the world.

Quality is our corporate mandate. Service is our task master. Welcome to our world of seafood. Come on board and stay a while!

Great Northern Products, Ltd,

A company it’s a pleasure to do business with!

Partners in Quality

Membership in Fisheries Council of Canada, Association of Québec Independent Processors (AQIP), Determined to provide the highest quality 100% natural seafood for today’s marketplace; designed to support managed fisheries for the future.


Great Northern Products has carefully constructed a network of quality producers whose varied harvesting capabilities complement each other when accessing today’s consumer. Fresh or frozen, raw or cooked, ground fish or shellfish – this is a multidimensional company. Our products comes from an ever growing list of producers/packers who consign their goods for our sales and distribution. North American sales or for international shipment–we welcome any inquiry from a serious company who is interested in capturing their place in the market and including their seafood products in our sales effort.

Broad Based

The vertical integration of harvesting and marketing keeps product and information flowing freely. Great Northern’s aggressive and attentive sales team performs efficiently, enhanced by continuing investments in technology and the best marketing and advertising platforms.

Berkshire Bank NA / Euler Hermes ACI

All accounts are sold on a secured basis. With the vast resources of our banks for inventory and sales financing, and Euler Hermes for account guaranty, there is no transaction which is beyond the capacity of Great Northern Products Ltd.

Our banks and guarantors likewise embrace these concepts and this has kept our company on course with the very best suppliers and accounts, both large and small. The terms of a transaction are decided on a transaction-to-transaction basis. Open credit lines are generally established for companies located in North America. Overseas accounts, in certain markets, are sold on credit terms or by letter of credit, CAD, wire transfer, or other mutually accepted method of payment.


Great Northern Products, Ltd. takes great pride in its reputation as a reliable and integral part of the seafood industry. More than ever we aim to be “a company it is a pleasure to do business with!”