Consignment Program

Who is Great Northern Products, Ltd?

Great Northern is a bonded U. S. Company with sales of over $50 million dollars per year. Great Northern is responsible for the sales and distribution of production from many manufacturing and processing plants mostly from Canada. Great Northern’s professional staff has over 75 years of experience in dealing with supermarkets and wholesale food distributors in the United States and Canada. Our customer base prides itself in being one of the largest assembly of Canadian friendly customers in North America.

What size food companies does Great Northern represent?

Great Northern is geared to represent small to moderate size companies. We would like to include your commodity or processed item within our network. As agents for your company, we help you find a cost effective way to enter the North American market. Whether you want to introduce fresh, frozen, dried, cured or salted products into the North American market or abroad, Great Northern can handle your inventories on a proprietary basis.

Do you need labeling assistance?

Great Northern supervises Canadian and U. S. Label Expeditors. We can assist you in all stages of export labeling, including FDA and USDA approval.

How do I get started as a supplier account of Great Northern?

To begin please fill out the following questionnaire, and you will be contacted by our staff with further details once we have assigned you to an import specialist.

Does Great Northern offer any financial programs to their suppliers?

Yes, they can and regularly advance funds against inventories and sales of product. The rates of advances vary from 50-90% depending on the situation.

All Great Northern Products suppliers are required to conform to our Supplier Food Safety Requirements.