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Cod fish is caught on both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. It is a highly regarded species by culinary
experts worldwide.

Pacific Pollock

Pacific Pollock is a member of the Cod family. It is found on both sides of the Atlantic in the cooler northern waters along the Canadian coast to New England from Northern Norway and Iceland.

Atlantic Halibut

The Atlantic Halibut has a flat shape and a strange appearance due to the position of both eyes on the right side. hen the Atlantic Halibut changes from a larva to a fish, its eyes are initially located on each side of its head.

Pacific Hake

The most abundant fish resource is off the West Coast. Pacific Whiting, Hake which it is
sometimes called, is also one of the best seafood values around.

Greenland Halibut

Greenland halibut (turbot) is not a true turbot and actually more closely resembles its relative, halibut. It is sold as turbot in the United States so as not to confuse it with Pacific or Atlantic Halibut.