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Pacific Sardines

The Pacific sardine is a pelagic fish found in the eastern Pacific from southeast Alaska to Baja California and the Gulf of California and also along Peru and Chile.

Sea Cucumber

Sea cucumbers live in either deep or shallow ocean depths. They are generally shaped like a vegetable cucumber, are soft and come in many colors and body styles


Cod fish is caught on both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. It is a highly regarded species by culinary
experts worldwide.

Loligo Squid

Squid (Loligo) is commonly called Calamari and the two sources of fresh squid common in the US are Loligo peallei found in the North Atlantic, Loligo opalescens found on the US Pacific Coast.

Pacific Pollock

Pacific Pollock is a member of the Cod family. It is found on both sides of the Atlantic in the cooler northern waters along the Canadian coast to New England from Northern Norway and Iceland.