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Pacific Sardines

The Pacific sardine is a pelagic fish found in the eastern Pacific from southeast Alaska to Baja California and the Gulf of California and also along Peru and Chile.

Peruvian Smelts

Smelt are pelagic (occurring within the midwater column), usually travelling in schools less than one mile from shore and in water less than 19 feet deep.


Capelin are members of the Osmeridae family of smelts. They are known as sparling in England. Capelin re slender translucent olive colored, small-scaled fish that grow to a maximum length of 25 cm (10 in).

Atlantic Mackerel

Atlantic Mackerel are iridescent blue green above with a silvery white under belly. 20 – 30 black bars run across the top half of their body giving them a distinctive appearance.

Canadian Smelts

The body of the smelt is slender and cylindrical. It has a silvery, pale green back and is iridescent purple, blue, and pink on the sides, with a light underside.