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The Wild Arctic Char

Savour the Arctic's best kept secret -  from the coldest purest waters of Canada's Northwest Territories. Harvested in the Eastern Arctic, this delicate treasure becomes available to all fish lovers who can't make it to the North Pole!  Available Jet-Fresh during summer/fall harvest! Let us know if you wish to be on our fresh Wild Arctic Char preferred account list!

An Arctic Treasure

Beneath the ice of a cold and often inhospitable landscape, the unspoiled waters of the Canadian Arctic provides welcome addition to any table.  Harvested by the Inuit for thousands of years, arctic char is now recognized by distinguished chefs in North America and Europe as one of the brightest stars in the culinary firmament.

An Adaptable Species

Arctic char winter in the lakes and streams of northern Canada, returning to the sea in the late spring and early summer.  The adult char spend their summer feeding voraciously in the Arctic and North Atlantic Oceans - some of the most remote and unspoiled waters in the world. Their diet consists primarily of small shrimp that gives char meat its red colour.

A Traditional Harvest

For thousands of years, Inuit have harvested arctic char in the rivers and lakes leading into the Arctic seas. Traditionally, rock weirs were constructed to corral the fish. Some inuit fishermen still practice this time honoured and sustainable method of harvest today. It is enjoyed smoked, baked, broiled, fried, poached or barbecued.

The Catch of the North

A high-spirited game fish prized by anglers, arctic char is also a beautiful fish to look at, with its dark blue or olive green back and silvery sides dappled with highlights of pink, blue and green.  Char also looks splendid on the plate; its pale pink to red flesh makes it a colourful addition to any dish.

Distributed throughout the arctic regions of the world, arctic char has been recognized and valued as a superior fish by European chefs for centuries.  North Americans have only begun to discover this rare and wild culinary treasure of our northern landscape in recent years.

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