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Rock Crab Meat
Important Facts:

  • Made from 100% Live and kicking crab (not like everyone else)
  • Cooked in seawater and these crabs are butchered into rock crab sections which are cleaned of liver and gills (Extraneous materials which discolor and add bitter taste)
  • This yields a much cleaner cooking environment. (most people cook whole dead crab in continuous cookers which yield a darker creamy water full of liver particles, gill parts, continuous cookers are cleaned once a shift and this water usually goes into the meat thus coloring the meat and changing its flavor.
  • Our meat is more white/grey with color specs since our extraction process takes out the meat from the shoulders without liver present so the meat is white upon extraction and not mixed with green and brown liver from the shoulders
  • Our cooking is batch cookers and we change the water every 2 batches.
  • Our ingredients listing contains : Crab and Salt (Salt Brine)
  • Please that our production time is about 5 hours from the time crab is butchered to the time meat is placed in the blast for freezing.

Available Specificatons:

  • Minced
  • Salad
  • Combination (80/20)
  • Fancy (60/40)
  • 100% Leg
  • Packed 6x5# (Special Request & Pack to order 24/8 oz. Tubs)

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