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Product Spotlight: Genitech Mexican White Shrimp

Great Northern Products markets only the best brands of Mexican Shrimp from the three top producers in Mexico; Masters Touch, Sonora Gold and of course, Genitech. Taste the difference!

Producing Litopenaeus vannamei in headless shell-on block and IQF export, Genitech shrimp feature many exclusive qualities:

        • Amazing firm texture
        • Beautiful flavor
        • Consistent weights and counts
        • All natural
        • Packed in 5 lb blocks or 5kg IQF, full color boxes

Genitech Shrimp are grown in ocean water from the Sea of Cortez and packed in a state of the art facility in the newest packing plant in Hermosillo. Consistent customer feedback has proven Genitech to be the best brand of Mexican Shrimp, year after year. Click here for product specifications.

Try Genitech shrimp today! Contact us for pricing and availability.