Boston   area Quantity Pack Price Location
Halibut, EC, 6-8oz portion, Canada, vac 36cs 1/10# $11.75 Wilmington Stoughton
Mackerel Fillet, 2-4oz, Canada 251cs 4/10# $0.99 Wilmington Stoughton
Monkfish tails, O/R, IQF 15cs 1/10# $3.95 Wilmington Stoughton
Ocean Perch, 12+ct, skin on, Canada 15cs 4/10# $2.40 Wilmington Stoughton
Salt Cod, printed bag, Canada 24cs 12/1# $5.45 Americold South Bay
Sea Rose Salmon portions 96cs 24/4.4oz $2.00 Wilmington Stoughton, MA
Smelts, Ocean, dressed, Peru 128cs 12/1# $1.10 Wilmington Stoughton
Snow Crab Single Legs 74cs 2/10# $2.95 Wilmington Stoughton
Turbot fillet, 4/8oz, “L” 110cs 4/10# $5.40 Rich’s Taunton, MA
Turbot fillet, O/R, “L” 694cs 1×10# $4.25 Wilmington Stoughton
Turbot fillet, 4/8oz, piece of skin on,   bruised 56cs 4/10# $5.95 Wilmington Stoughton
Whelk Meat IQF U-15G Canada 440cs 1/8kg $5.10 Wilmington Stoughton
NJ area
Clam, whole cooked, IVP, Chile 201cs 10/1# $0.90 Preferred Newark, NJ
Grey Sole, whole round, 200/300 gram,   Canada 200cs 1/25# $1.00 Preferred Philadelphia
King Crab Meat Centolla 3 Leg 52cs 6/5# CALL Preferred Elizabeth
King Crab Meat Centolla 4 Leg 550cs 6/5# CALL Preferred Elizabeth
King Crab Meat Centolla All Leg 34cs 6/5# CALL Preferred Elizabeth
Mussels, whole cooked, Chile 771cs 13/1# $1.15 Preferred Elizabeth
Mussels, meat, cooked, Chile 450cs 1/9kg $0.30 Preferred Elizabeth
Salmon, Atlantic, 4-8oz portions,   skinless, 11+ 35cs 1/10# $2.99 Preferred Elizabeth
Salmon, Atlantic, trim, skin on, small   belly pieces 124cs 1/40# $0.50 Preferred Elizabeth
Smelts, Ocean, dressed, Peru 350cs 12/1# $1.10 Preferred Elizabeth
Los Angeles area
Clam, whole cooked, IVP, Chile 365cs 10/1# $0.90 Preferred Wilmington, Los Angeles
Mahi fillet, 1/3# IPW, Peru 46cs 1/50# OFFER Preferred Wilmington, Los Angeles
Mussels, meat, cooked, Chile  (Broken Pieces) 92cs 1/9kg $0.30 Preferred Vernon
Smelts, Ocean, dressed, Peru  (Date Code) 500cs 12/1# $0.99 Preferred Wilmington, Los Angeles

All prices are quoted F.O.B. Boston, unless otherwise noted. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.